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3/4 Housing and Sober Living Homes in MichiganIn an effort to minimize the likelihood for future relapse post-rehab, we now offer an effective and affordable intensive outpatient treatment program in addition to our standard sober living & recovery housing services.  We wholeheartedly believe in creating long-lasting foundations in sobriety.  Whatever yours or your loved one’s situation may be, rest assured that our motives are in line solely within your best interests.

Structured Living, LLC of Ann Arbor, MI provides reputable sober living 3/4 housing as well as ancillary addiction recovery services for those who are seeking low-cost/affordable recovery housing in nice residential areas for as low as $525* per month.



  • Zero tolerance relapse policy
  • Mandatory onsite drug & alcohol testing
  • Daily AA / NA support group meetings
  • Nightly curfews, daily chores & maintaining cleanlines
  • Seeking and maintaining employment, helping others through service work or being engaged in meaningful activities. Those attending school full time are exempt from these work requirements
  • To have our “Rules & Policies” sent to you please email us HERE and we’ll send it over

Sobriety & Drug Courts | Jail Diversion | Alternate Sentencing | Probation

For residents facing legal issues such as driving under the influence, possession, etc., Structured Living, LLC works in close coordination with local and state courts to aid our clients in avoiding incarceration through alternative sentencing options that include residing in a well monitored and structured sober living environment. In addition, we also provide an in-house intensive outpatient treatment program in order to better equip each resident within the scope of achieving success in sobriety. For more information on this please click HERE. For the safety and integrity of our residential environments we do not accept residents with either violent or sexual type offenses.

* New admissions are subject to a one-time admit fee of $300


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