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Medical detoxification services for cocaine, crack and speed/methWhen it comes to medical detox and withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, certain substances tend to be less likely to create havoc on the mind and body. Among those are drugs like cocaine, crack-cocaine and methamphetamine. To many, these drugs constitute the classic “uppers” and are generally considered to be great mixers with depressants like alcohol and heroin. Nonetheless, while cocaine and methamphetamine (also referred to as, meth, crystal, speed, crank, glass, etc.) addictions may entail a vast array of repercussions, their physical withdrawal symptoms during detox are commonly far less severe than, say, heroin or alcohol for instance.

The medical detoxification process for stimulant drugs like cocaine, crack-cocaine and crystal meth is generally less so about necessity. The main issue with this classification of drugs however, has to do with the fact that most addicts of this type will usually enter treatment or detox from a point of extreme undernourishment and sleep deprivation. In fact, it is very common to see these individuals suffering from paranoid delusions, of which are caused by literally nothing more than sheer sleep deprivation!

Cocaine and methamphetamine detoxification generally includes:

  • Medications designed to calm and stabilize the patient
  • Ample rest with backup nutritional support
  • Specialized diets with added supplemental components
  • Therapeutic support services
  • And more…

Here at Structured Living, LLC we feel it to be very important to not only rely on the medication detox process, but also to encourage added components that help to further strengthen the client’s early recovery process. This brief period of time is so critically important with respect to his or hers long-term sobriety, and the foundation created today may very well have lifelong implications. Detoxing from stimulants like methamphetamine and cocaine can create complications if not under proper medical guidance, and we strongly believe that lack of health insurance and/or financial resources should never hinder the availability of safe and reliable medical detox services.


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We realize that this is likely a difficult time for you or your loved one, or probably both! Rest assured however, that Structured Living, LLC provides the expertise and oversight that is needed to get you through this period. Within a matters of days you could be experiencing a whole new concept of hope…we see it happen all the time!

Our medical detox sober living homes and transitional recovery houses are situated throughout the Ann Arbor, Michigan region and are specially designed to accommodate those going through the drug & alcohol detox process. We offer an immediate network of highly trained and credentialed physicians that are able to prescribe and oversee Suboxone, Vivitrol and other medical detox regimens. These specific houses are priced at $725 per month, which is a bit higher in lieu of the more qualified staff and expanded on-site recovery services. Additional costs may also be incurred in unique, high-needs scenarios, however that will always be discussed on a per client basis pending his or her specific clinical and/or ancillary needs.

We invite you to begin your recovery through safe, effective, supportive and very affordable medical detox services at Structured Living, LLC. Through our broad network of DEA license Suboxone physicians, as well our public and private health insurance acceptability options, what we offer is truly unique! We are here for you 7 days a week at (734) 846-0966.


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