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Executive & Luxury Sober Living and Recovery Homes in Ann Arbor, MichiganStructured Living, LLC of Ann Arbor, Michigan understands the unique needs of those in early recovery that require an enhanced level of care and accommodations. These individuals often lead very busy lives and deal with high-stress situations within the corporate world. Some are in positions requiring frequent travel and odd hours. Others may be in the public eye and require more privacy and maybe even security measures depending on the situation.

Our higher-end, luxury-type sober living homes and transitional housing services are located both in the USA and overseas.. Here in Michigan, in the Ann Arbor area, we provide such accommodations at a cost starting at $2500 per month. We also work closely with numerous reputable independent addiction recovery services nationwide through their corporate housing network in order to accommodate the needs of such clients while simultaneously providing day-to-day early recovery support & guidance within the framework of their individual and professional needs. Structured Living, LLC even offers high-end sober living and vacation rentals in Spain and the United Kingdom!

Some of our Executive Sober Living Housing features include:

  • 24/7 on-site recovery guidance & management
  • Private & semi-private rooms
  • Healthy meals per individual dietary needs
  • Cable television, house phone, internet & wifi
  • Housekeeping services & laundry facilities
  • ADDED SERVICES: sober coaching, holistic guidance, personal training, sober travel accompaniment, concierge, transportation, office space, etc

Most importantly, however, is the fact that your recovery never takes a back seat to any other part of your life. We have a very true saying in the rooms of AA, it goes, “Whatever you place before your sobriety you’ll end up losing.” In our many years of personal and professional experience, this statement has yet to be proven false…

Luxury executive sober living housing is just the beginning at Structured Living, LLC feel free to reach us 7 days a week at 734-846-0966 with any questions and to schedule a time to see one or more of our homes.


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