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Helping men and women recovery from drug addiction in MichiganAs of 2015 Structured House only offers varied levels of recovery housing, sometimes referred to as transitional or sober living housing. We currently offer 10 gender specific (male-only or female-only) recovery residences like these throughout the Ann Arbor, Michigan region.

In many cases, residents will move into these types of environments as a tool for transitioning from treatment back into real life. However, due to the rising costs of licensed treatment services, we are finding that more and more individuals are needing these sober living environments as the actual course of treatment. Considering that licensed treatment can cost upwards of 30 thousand per month, an effective alternative costing a mere fraction of that, as we offer, would be nearly impossible to find.

But what about the people who need medical detox in order to physically wean their bodies off drugs like alcohol, benzos or opiates? How do these folks even have a shot at sobriety if they cannot so much as go 2 or 3 hours without the next drink or fix? This is the very issue that Structured House is taking on! Not only that, but we intend to increase community awareness on a number of levels. Given the growing epidemic of pain pill abuse nationwide, what better time is there to really dive in and make a difference!

Near future plans for Structured House consist of:

  • Opening a licensed medical detox center for those with limited or no personal funding options
  • Opening an intensive outpatient treatment center that will work in tandem with our network of sober livings and addiction recovery homes
  • Providing outreach and educational opportunities for local organizations such as schools, community centers, general public events and churches, temples, etc.
  • Providing an integrative and vibrant social community platform that encourages discourse, information sharing and guidance for individuals and/or families in need of help
  • And more to come…

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As the Structured House Organization continues to spread the message of hope and awareness throughout the community, we truly hope you will join us along this life and death mission. Whether you can help through a financial contribution, donating goods or services, your time or even encouraging your employer to donate whatever it can as a means for a tax exemption and maybe a warmhearted feeling, every little bit helps!

As time goes we will be posting stories of success and triumph among those who otherwise might not have found assistance in recovery. We will boldly pronounce the fruits of our supporters efforts in each individual perseverance.

We truly thank you for your help and we commit to doing good always!


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