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Ann Arbor, Michigan non-profit addiction recovery rehab detoxOur mission here at The Structured House Organization is to create opportunities for addiction recovery in areas where the current availability of resources are insufficient. The mission is quite broad and includes such services as: medical detoxification, residential & outpatient treatment, sober living/recovery housing, professional guidance, social service assistance, life skills building and necessary common resources like clothing, shelter, food and medications.

Our target goal is for 92 cents of every dollar raised be used for its ultimate purpose. In doing so, we are always looking for ways to maximize efficiency and effectiveness as it relates to that which is in the best interests of those we help. Structured House has a myriad of local, regional and national networks in place which, have made it possible for us to provide highly effective services, many of which are priced well below standard costs.

Here are just a few of the many ways our organization helps make a difference in the lives of those struggling with substance abuse and related mental health issues:

  • We provide reduced cost outpatient drug rehab, transitional recovery housing and structured sober living in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • We offer a proactive “Launching Pad Program” for men and women transitioning from jails, prisons and inpatient treatment centers, which enables them to build sober momentum and become self-sufficient, productive members of society
  • We have an integrative network of specialists in place, of which can be appropriately matched with the individual needs of each client. Examples of such services would be; attorneys and legal guidance, life skills building & coaching, psychiatric & medication management, therapy & counseling, AA and NA volunteers, etc.
  • We offer a strong alumni support community that fosters a “power-in-numbers” frame of thinking, and encourages fellowship, support, fun sober events and even critical thinking as it applies to re-framing the way recovering addicts & alcoholics view the world
  • And much more!

The organization’s vision is to ultimately expand into clinical services such as medical detox, residential treatment and intensive outpatient rehab. Additionally, our hope is to spread our wings far beyond the borders of Ann Arbor, MI, and ultimately be able to extend addiction recovery services & guidance from coast to coast!

Much of our time is spent in the trenches, working side by side with newly sober men and women as they make the heartfelt journey from active addiction into a life of honesty and integrity. As a matter of fact, many among our staff have experienced the untold pain and sorrow of drug addiction and alcoholism. We too have experienced the gut-wrenching loss of our family’s trust and support. Some of us even had run-ins with the law as a direct result of our addictions. We know that pain all too well!

We ask for your help however you see fit, and whether it is a simple monetary donation, volunteering of your time, donations from your place of business or anything of the sort, we will accept it with the utmost in gratitude.

Thank You!


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