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A Big Shout Out to Our Supporters!


Helping men and women recovery from drug addiction in MichiganIt goes without saying that there is absolutely no way that we could do what we do without help from caring individuals, as well as corporate and local business supporters. They each empower us to help further promote the message of real recovery to those who might otherwise not be afforded such an opportunity.

Each of our supporters contributes in their own way. Some contribute in the form of food and supply donations, others might have volunteer groups as part of a workplace program, and some simply make tax-deductible contributions on a periodic basis. May you all know how much it means to us and how much it means to the individual lives you help change each and every day!

In turn, we respectively ask anyone viewing this page to remember who they are the next time you may be out shopping or might be needing a service offered by any among this list. They do what they do because it is a good thing, and Structured House encourages supporting their businesses because, simply put, it is our way of showing a heartfelt appreciation…



Whole Foods

Brighton Center for Recovery

Caron Treatment Centers

UMATS: University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services

Hazeldon Treatment

Kroger Foods

Catholic Social Services

ATRI – Addiction Treatment Reviews & Information


Cleveland Clinic

Mayo Clinic

Hazeldon Betty Ford

and hopefully more very soon…


The Structured House Organization is always trying to find new ways to stretch our resources. If you are a company representative and would like to know more about receiving tax deductions on your contributions, please contact us at (734) 846-0966 for more information.

We sincerely thank all of you for your help!


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