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Sober Living and Recovery Home Policies


You are ready, willing, and teachable to change your way of living by following suggestions and abiding by our simple but strict rules.

Structured Living is not a treatment center. However, we do offer an ideal and cost effective opportunity to reside with us while attending reputable, local intensive outpatient programs.

Recovery requires commitment and honesty. If you are not sincere in your quest for improvement, you should not consider residing with us. You will be wasting both our efforts and your money.



A minimum of ninety days stay is suggested, in order to build a somewhat and reasonably strong foundation for recovery. For those wanting to reside long term, there is no limit to the length of stay, as long as one abides by the rules. NOTE: We have had residents who have, and are living with us for the past six and four years.



  • Drug test clean on day of move-in. If test is failed, you will be required to stay at the local engagement center until sober in order to move in.
  • Seek and maintain employment
  • Attend daily AA/NA meetings
  • Attend weekly mandatory house meeting



Narcotic prescription medications are not allowed at Structured Living LLC houses. However, in special cases, we do allow a strict, brief, and supervised weaning off regimen of Suboxone. All non-narcotic prescriptions are allowed, but residents must submit proof of prescription by their doctor.

Sharing of one’s prescription medication with any other tenant is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and SUBJECT TO EVICTION.

ABUSE of medication will RESULT IN EVICTION.



Rent is due on the 1st of the month.

Late fee is levied for any payments received after the 5th.

We do our best to accommodate special circumstances, for which an arrangement must be made in advance.


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