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Sober Living Price Reductions and Sliding Scale Discounts for 2016


Discounts and Sliding Scale Pricing for Sober Living Recovery House ProgramsSliding-Scale pricing and additional support benefits are available for those of whom are able to meet our income criteria. 

Those who qualify will be eligible to receive the following:

  • The normal one-time admission fee of $300 will be waived entirely
  • The normal monthly housing fee of $525 will be reduced to $500 per month AND will be payable in two monthly installments of $250
  • Our organization will also assist the client in the following ways:
    1. FOOD: We help with a bridge card application. This card issued by the state of Michigan covers free groceries upto $200 per month.  A resident who is has no income and qualifies for it can expect the card to arrive in two weeks. Anyone who cannot afford groceries for this interim period will not go hungry. We arrange food.
    2. HEALTH INSURANCE: For those without health insurance, we make sure that they receive Medicaid or free medical care through the local community health system including doctor visits and prescriptions.
    3. EMPLOYMENT: We render help with job listings, reference letters and if required, transportation to interview(s).  Our experience since 2005 tells us that anyone who is serious to get a job, lands one in 10-12 days, if not sooner. Ann Arbor is rated to be perhaps the most “recovery friendly’ community in the country. Its businesses, especially the many restaurants offer excellent employment opportunities even for those with less than perfect background checks.
    4. NEWCOMER HELP: A newcomer is assigned to a senior resident to go to meetings, shopping etc. so as to get acquainted with the location(s) of important places, bus routes & general local layout.

Note: In order for us to provide the aforementioned services, we do expect full active participation from the client(s). They would need to be proactive and “reach out” to other residents for help.  We cannot deliver help for anyone who does not do his or her own part.

The founder of our giveback initiative ensures that, “No one under our roof trying to embrace a sober life should go without food and proper medical help.”


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