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Affordable Drug Rehab Treatment Options in Ann Arbor, MI


Low Cost Affordable Drug Rehab Treatment Center Alternatives in Ann Arbor, MichiganThe State of Michigan, along with a number of other Midwest and Coastal US states, are known for offering a variety of well respected drug rehabs and varied forms of addiction & alcoholism treatment centers. While their array of recovery based services have built strong reputations nationwide, many folks, especially those in the recent recession prone areas like Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan as well as Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio and so on, find themselves within financial constraints which prevent them from sending themselves or their loved ones to such facilities. Even with the offset of health insurance for those so fortunate, the out-of-pocket contribution can still reach upwards of 10, 15 or even 20 thousand dollars per month!

So what is a family to do when faced with the prospect of not having the means to pay for treatment while their son, daughter, husband, wife, etc. slowly but surely drifts away into the dark abyss of drug addiction and/or alcoholism?

For those interested in living at our sober living homes while also receiving a higher level of care, Structured Living, LLC offers a very reasonably priced intensive outpatient treatment program.  In addition, we work closely with a myriad of health insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid.



Affordable & Innovative Outpatient Treatment

Our “Health Insurance Friendly” IOP (Intensive Outpatient) option has proven to be the silver bullet for most, if not all the financial woes related to the high costs of rehab. With costs that are at a fraction of that for a traditional inpatient drug treatment, it is not only very financially feasible for families but also equally as effective for the individual.

As of mid 2015, Structured Living, LLC has acquired a true industry-leader to head up our new and affordable outpatient treatment program.  Her clinical background begins with a BSW from Eastern Michigan University in 2003 and an MSW from Wayne State University in 2008.  Her professional career in chemical dependency includes positions with nationally acclaimed treatment centers like Dawn Farm. Currentlty however, she is a senior therapist at the University of Michigan’s Addiction Treatment Services Clinic (UMATS), with a primary focus on running the Adult Outpatient Treatment Program along with overseeing assessments and providing individual & family therapy services.

Residents in our IOP program have the best of both the worlds. Besides receiving the “magic of group support” through our structured sober homes, they also benefit from many private and group care options provided by our ground breaking IOP treatment option that include:

  • Individual and group counseling – There are actually many instances in which group counseling & therapy is of greater benefit to each individual client. While private sessions only focus on that which is foremost on the client’s mind at the time, group sessions enable each member to extract examples and experiences from other members during this time.
  • Combined Recovery, Housing & Structure – In-house Group counseling while living in a well structured sober environment is perhaps the best of options when it comes to IOP or enhanced counseling. In fact, more and more residential treatment centers are moving in this direction since it offers many of the residential treatment benefits, while also affording clients a “real-life” component that is rarely present in those environments.
  • Mindfulness
  • Relapse prevention
  • Addiction education and awareness
  • Life skills and recovery integration
  • Psychodrama and art therapy
  • Gender specific groups for men and women
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Day, evening & weekend session availability
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Documentation for courts, probation and workplace
  • Holistic services such as, nutrition, supplements, yoga, massage, etc.

Structured Living, LLC is also very proud to affiliate with Brighton Hospital, one of the nation’s longest standing addiction treatment facilities.  In cases where our own outpatient program does not suffice on a clinical level, as is sometimes the case with those in need of medication management or extreme co-occurring disorders, Brighton Hospital serves our client’s needs in many such instances.  Their history, expertise and quality staff have shown, time and again, to meet or exceed industry standards.

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