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Affordable Low-Cost Sober Living Homes 3/4 Houses in MichiganStructured Living, LLC of Ann Arbor, Michigan prides itself on the many wonderful elements that have made us who we are today. Leading that list is the fact that we have maintained an unwavering dedication to never allowing cost determine our level of integrity. Since our inception in 2005 we have maintained the position that affordable sober living homes and 3/4 transitional housing residences must maintain the same principles as those charging more.

Currently, we offer ten sober living residences, each of which are gender specific (male-only / female-only) and charge only $510 per month with the only added expenses incurred being food and personal items. Some of the many additional services offered to Structured House residents also include:

  • Flexible & Affordable Outpatient Rehab – an IOP program that offers affordability and health insurance acceptance (including Medicare and Medicaid) as well as evening and weekend sessions for those with prior weekday commitments
  • Assistance with Healthcare Needs – for those without health insurance or the means to pay for private care, we provide assistance and guidance in utilizing public health services including, mental healthcare, physical healthcare & free prescriptions
  • Public Assistance for Food – for those who are unemployed and have no income we provide assistance in obtaining a State of Michigan “Bridge Card” which enables the recipient to obtain $200 in groceries per month

In addition to affordability, however, we also believe in the importance of providing some general comforts that serve to add to the home environment such as:

  • Two per room accommodations
  • Full service kitchens
  • Cable entertainment & flat screen LCD televisions
  • In-house washer & dryer
  • Wireless internet for laptops – most of our homes also have a community desktop computer
  • Land line house phones with free nationwide long distance
  • Clean neighborhoods & parking for those with vehicles
  • All locations are directly within major bus lines and centrally located near major districts and services

Most importantly, however, is our devotion to addressing the damaging behaviors so commonly seen in the actions of addicts and alcoholics. We have found that newcomers in recovery have a tendency to cut corners in their day-to-day living habits when doing the right thing may not feel good. To many this may be okay, but to an addict or alcoholic this behavior could be the catalyst to another relapse or even worse, jail, illness or death! We employ a variety of reasonable and practical recovery-related standards that serve to strengthen the bond between the individual and their own personal recovery process.

Affordable sober living housing is just the beginning at Structured Living, LLC feel free to reach us 7 days a week at 734-846-0966 with any questions and to schedule a time to see one or more of our homes.


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