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Sober living homes for drug courts, parole, offenders, probation and convictsIt is tragic as to how a simple drug possession charge can turn into something much more. In fact you can walk throughout any jail or prison facility around the U.S. and find out in no time that upwards of 80 to 90 percent of its inmates are in for crimes that are, in one way or another, related to drugs and/o alcohol. From simple possession to intent and distribution, on up to assault, battery and even manslaughter and murder, it is truly tragic how a good life can do a 180 in a split second!

Through ongoing efforts over the years aimed at working to better empower the Ann Arbor and Michigan State Court Systems, Structured Living, LLC remains very committed to helping those with checkered pasts involving incarceration and related events, ie., parole, probation, etc. Our true goal with these individuals is to really try and impact the rates of relapse and recidivism, as the two are directly related.


First and foremost, Structured Living, LLC is not equipped for, nor is it able to, in any regard, accommodate any ex-offenders with convictions being either sexual or violent in nature. Our homes are all located in upscale, family-oriented neighborhoods near parks, schools, community centers and so forth, and we therefore adopt a very similar mindset that is based on clean, proactive and good-hearted living.


Structured Living, LLC works with many of the following…

  • Local Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County & Michigan State drug court systems
  • Parole and probation departments statewide
  • Ex-offenders, convicts (misdeanor and felony) and those awaiting trial
  • Families of convicts and ex-offenders
  • Post release residential program

The fact is that we genuinely want to make an impact toward disrupting the rates of relapse and recidivism among this population. So often it seems we encounter another 20-something whose future is hanging in the cusp of utter defeat and lifelong incarceration, or that combination of a white light moment blended with the perfect opportunity to avert the path to misery.

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If you are a loved one is dealing with issues relating to drug courts, jail, prison, parole or anything along those lines, we encourage you to reach out to the Structured Living staff at (734) 846-0966…BREAK THE PATTERN NOW!

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