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drug addiction education and awareness for teens and kidsStructured Living, LLC takes a 2-step approach in what we do. The first is in helping people engage in the recovery process who would otherwise be unable to do so. The second however, has to do with harnessing the gifts of sobriety while simultaneously helping kids and young adults throughout various communities.

For those of you out there familiar with the process of recovery, you’ve probably been versed in the importance of “passing it on.” Of the many necessary ingredients within the process of maintaining sobriety, one of the more prominent ones has to do with sharing your experience, insight, suggestions, etc. with those who could benefit from it. If you’ve ever heard the term “sponsor” mentioned, this happens to be the most common form of “passing it on.” It is an example of one person helping another for no financial gain, or any gain for that matter, other than fulfilling the core belief that when you help others, you are in fact helping yourself.

That said, Structured Living, LLC commits to taking a very active role in and around the community in the form of “Addiction Education and Diversion.” Moreover, we use mainly Structured Living graduates as the tool for passing along this message. After all, is a 10-year old child in a classroom atmosphere more likely to feel the words of a school counselor or those of a recovered drug addict with 20 years of scars on his or her arm from intravenous drug use? Our goal is certainly not to frighten anyone, but any good parent will certainly agree that a little fear of drug use in the mind of a child is certainly a plus!.

Our addiction education program consists of:

  • Visiting local elementary, middle and high schools throughout numerous districts
  • Offering presentations and handouts at community events
  • Providing material, guidance and presentations at local youth groups within churches, mosques, synagogues, community centers, YMCA’s and other such locations
  • Providing literature and guidance to parents, families and friends

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In order to qualify as a “Community Service Liaison” within the Structured Living Network, the individual must have gone through our program and have no less than 18 months of continuous proactive sobriety under their belts. They must also be a model alumnus and completely pass any and all background screenings.

Ultimately, it is our sincerest hope to capture the attention of these children and young adults prior to making bad decisions, decisions which often carry lifelong consequences. It is our hope to truly make an impact in the hearts and minds of those who will one day be in charge, and ensure that all their hopes and dreams come to fruition.

We hope you will join us in supporting this cause, we certainly cannot do it without your help…


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