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Our Sober Housing Rules


Our Sober Living Home Rules


Breaking Any Of These Rules Is Subject To Eviction 




  1. DRUGS & ALCOHOL: Resident will not use any mood-altering chemical (legal or illegal) on or off premises. All residents are subject to random drug/alcohol screening. If the resident violates this rule they will be asked to leave
  2. SMOKING: Absolutely no smoking allowed inside the house. Smoke at designated outside areas.
  3. PETS: No pets.
  5. VISITORS: All houses are gender specific. No female guests allowed in the men’s houses, and no male guests allowed in the women’s houses.
  6. CURFEW: Residents must be out of the house between 10am-2pm on weekdays. Nightly curfew is 11pm on weekdays, and midnight on weekends. Exceptions can be arranged for work or school. Overnight stays are only available after 30 days residence and with prior permission from the house manager.
  7. MEETINGS: Residents are required to attend at least 7 AA or NA meetings per week (1 daily) and maintain a signed meeting record sheet for verification. To be verified during weekly house meetings. Those who are employed full time may be required to attend only 5 meetings per week, subject to the Manager’s approval.
  8. WEEKLY HOUSE MEETING: Attendance at these meetings is mandatory.
  9. THEFT: Theft will not be tolerated. Each resident is personally responsible for his or her cash at all times. Diligence is suggested. Each resident is advised to obtain personal renter’s insurance to cover personal belongings. The home owner/agent shall not be held liable for loss of any personal property.
  10. GAMBLING: Gambling on/off premises, or visiting a casino for any reason, is prohibited.
  11. MEDICATIONS: Only non-narcotic medications are allowed. Medication must be taken as prescribed. House manager must be made aware of any medications the resident is taking. All medication must be secured in a personal lock box. No sharing of medications.
  12. CLEANLINESS: Residents shall keep their rooms clean and beds made. Living quarters are open to inspection daily. Clutter will not be tolerated. No nails or pins in the walls.
  13. LIVING AREA: Each resident’s room/living area is off limits to other residents unless invited.
  14. CHORES: Residents are responsible for completing the chores allotted during the weekly house meeting.
  15. MEALS: Residents are responsible for their own meals and will clean up after themselves.
  16. BEHAVIOR: Misconduct, including rowdy or threatening behavior, will not be tolerated. Residents will respect their housemates and the neighbors at all times. Possession, viewing, downloading or sharing of pornography or any type of similar material is prohibited. Illegal downloading of any kind from the internet is prohibited.
  17. TRANSFER: Resident can be transferred from one room to another within the same house, or to a different house at any time.
  18. BEHAVIORAL CONTRACT: The house manager can make additional rules at any time for the good of the individual and the collective good of the group.


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