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Over the years, Structured Living, LLC has built relationships with a number of reputable and highly regarded addiction treatment services and organizations around the country.  These include such things as, residential drug rehab centers, detox facilities, sober livings & recovery homes, oversight bodies and more.  As such, we have put together a list of resources that have consistently shown to operate in accordance with high standards and integrity.

When it comes to matters relating to drug addiction, alcoholism or co-occurring disorders, for instance, it is very important to ensure that you are receiving accurate and unbiased information.  We have found over the years that, when it comes to such life altering scenarios, people are often times blinded in lieu of such things as lack of knowledge & experience, trauma, love, hope, etc.  We highly encourage you to conduct your due diligence prior to moving in any recovery direction, be it treatment, detox, sober living or anything of the like..

Below you will find a variety of links to services and organizations which Structured Living, LLC is very proud to affiliate with. Each link will conveniently open in a new window so that you don’t lose this page…

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Center for Chemical Addiction Treatment –

National Institute on Chemical Dependency –

The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Admin –

National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers –

A.T.R.I. Addiction Treatment Reviews –

Betty Ford Treatment Center –

Behavioral Wellness & Recovery –

BlueCove Homes –

Brighton Hospital Treatment Center –

Caron Treatment Centers –

Cleveland Clinic –

The Cedars Drug Rehab –

Grey Wolf Ranch Teatment –

Growth Works, Inc. –

Hazeldon Treatment –

Illuminate Recovery and Wellness Centers –

Junction House Recovery Residences –

La Hacienda Treatment Center –

Lotus Place Recovery Center –

LYFE Recovery Services –

The Mayo Clinic –

Nova Counseling Services –

Revive Drug & Alcohol Detox center –

St. Jude Mountain Retreat –

The Ranch Treatment –

The Retreat –

St. Jude Country Retreat –

Sobriety Experience Sober Living Residences –

The Sacred Heart Center –

The Watershed Treatment Center –

Wilderness Treatment Center –

Victory Detox Center –

Drug Rehab Connections –


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