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Our Policy on Sober Living Residents in Need of Suboxone


Though Suboxone has unfortunately gained a reputation for being easily abused while in un-monitored settings, it is actually well known for suppressing the strong symptoms resulting from opiate, opioid and heroin withdrawal.

We at Structured Living Sober Homes & Addiction Recovery Houses always strive to help our residents to mitigate cravings and minimizing suffering brought on by withdrawal symptoms from such things as opiates, opioids, heroin, etc. during the post detox period.



Anyone who sincerely desires to shed their addiction and stop using heroin or opioids should not have to suffer the painful withdrawal symptoms when a medication proven to be effective to help them do so is available. Living in structured sober living, recovery residence or transitional environment does not have to be uncomfortable, if not painful. As such, the managed and appropriate use of Suboxone for the purpose of medical detox is, at times, allowed for our sober living residents.

Many in active addiction are simply afraid to stop using heroin because they are petrified of the physical and mental hell that they would have to endure to “make it.” Most who do try, give up and often relapse and return to use again just to feel “normal”. It is the proverbial catch 22 situation as sober living homes or three quarter/halfway transitional living facilities do not accept clients unless they can test clean. So does that mean that there is no other painless option available to us in recovery from addiction while in recovery homes or sober living houses? There is, Suboxone, but it requires discipline and strict monitoring over a short period of time.

Like many other prescribed drugs, Suboxone is very beneficial if used correctly for short period(s) with a strict tapering off schedule not exceeding 6 weeks during post detox period, and while in a well monitored sober living or halfway house environment. It is the long term use of Suboxone, of which is often encouraged by physicians for monetary gains, that has brought disrepute to its use among the recovering community, and even more so among those living in structured recovery environments.

We at Structured Living allow use of Suboxone, however only under strict conditions. The medication is kept in a lock box and its dosage and quantity closely monitored. The resident must agree to strictly abide to the tapering off schedule as approved by a qualified physician, and not exceeding a 6-week period in its entirety. Of course ongoing random drug screening is also a condition of use.

NOTE: In certain instances, when it is deemed necessary by the prescribing physician that the client remain on a Suboxone regimen beyond 6 weeks, we will consider making exceptions on a case by case basis. During this time the client will be under strict monitoring as described above, and he or she will also be required to sign a HIPAA confidentiality release that allows us to speak directly with the prescribing physician.

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With regard to our statements above, Structured Living, LLC does not in any way encourage the use of Suboxone in a casual or ongoing manner, or in any manner shown to be contrary to that of the instructions of a qualified physician. This opiate based “miracle drug” is estimated to be up to 40-60 percent more potent than morphine and more addicting than heroin, and thus should be taken with great caution and on a short-term basis only.

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