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Non-profit sober livings, halfway houses and recovery homes in Ann Arbor, MichiganThroughout Ann Arbor, as well as in Michigan and nationwide as a whole, the existing detox, drug rehab and sober living & recovery housing resources are vastly insufficient in order to address the growing substance abuse epidemics. Stories and news reports are constantly emerging as to how even the most vibrant suburban communities are now facing enormously rising numbers of heroin overdoses, meth labs, rampant narcotic pain pill abuse and pill mills, new street drugs that are killing upwards of 10% of its users, which is thought to be a conservative estimate.

There are so many folks caught up in the struggles of addiction and alcoholism, and of whom have absolutely nowhere to turn and no one to turn to. They end up in jails, skid row shelters (where drug use is equally prevalent), psych wards, or God forbid, the morgue.

For those with health insurance, there always seems to be that one preventing caveat. Either it doesn’t cover long-term recovery housing, or all they could afford is catastrophic-only coverage, or there is a $5,000 deductible or maybe all it covers is 10 days of outpatient treatment, yet meanwhile the person is without shelter, clothes, food, etc.

In order to truly have a fair shot at long-term recovery, the individual usually must receive the following baseline services:

  • An opportunity to go through the detox process in a safe, nurturing environment. Detox, a period typically 5 to 10 days in length, must occur before he or she has any shot at some semblance of mental clarity, which is a top priority during the overall drug and alcohol treatment process.
  • At the very least, adequate nutrition, shelter, guidance, clean clothing, structure and oversight by experienced addiction treatment professionals
  • Proper care and management within an environment that enables the individual to address underlying causes to their addiction
  • An aftercare plan that involves transitional recovery housing, reintegration into the workforce or schooling, 12-Step or other community support systems

The 4 elements described above are but bare minimums, none of which are really made available as a whole to the populations most affected by skyrocketing substance abuse epidemics. Here in Ann Arbor, MI, we at least have the benefits of strong 12-Step recovering communities to help bolster the individual’s recovery, but all too often he or she never makes it that far because a foundation of sobriety was never established in their lives, thus crippling any real possibility for success. Addiction and alcoholism are so utterly powerful in the mind of the sufferer, that, much like a home built on a foundation of sand and leaves, the recovering addict/alcoholic cannot overcome and persevere through the mind-clutching allure of relapse while having a shaky foundation, especially when he or she is forced to contend with life’s ups and downs. What a non addict might consider a bump in the road, a recovering alcoholic might perceive as catastrophic, simply because they have no precedent for success in dealing with, and overcoming it previously throughout their lives.

The Structured House Organization sees the reality of everything described above on a daily basis. Likewise, we have seen the successes, the college degrees, the new careers, the laughing children and glee-filled families & spouses. We have seen those individuals recognize the gifts they received and commit to paying it forward to the next sufferer down the line. We ask you now to please help The Structured House Organization to continue doing what we do today. We are not about excess and posh, we don’t believe in the importance of 5-star cuisine when a person doesn’t have a clean shirt to wear or a roof over their heads. We believe in providing the necessities (and maybe a few comforts) when it comes to daily living, but in terms of recovery, sobriety, guidance and direction, we demand on providing the very best we have to offer!

To some, they’ve been given this one chance at a new life and we take on the wholehearted mission to help in a manner which will benefit them for the rest of their lives…


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