Testimonials & Success Stories ...and We're Saving Room for Your Testimonial!

Testimonials & Success Stories ...and We're Saving Room for  Your Testimonial!

So whether you're a successful and sober resident who has completed one of our recovery home programs or a donor who truly feels the warmth of helping to save another person's life, we will always save room for your testimonial and proudly show it to the world!

Jerald Holmes

I am a single parent of a 21 year old wonderful boy who fell in wrong company while in school as I could not be there with him, especially during holidays. He has been in and out of treatment centers on a regular basis since last two years. After completing a stint at a renowned rehab in CO, he has been residing in one of Structured Living's sober homes since November 2013… I would recommend this place to anyone as long as you are willing to follow the rules!

Liz Hamilton

Services provided by Structured Living sober homes are a genuine giveback by a very grateful recovering alcoholic with resources. It is remarkable to see how one person's effort to help others is changing lives. A noble venture indeed! My brother is a resident of one of their sober facilities for nearly an year now. This is the longest he has managed to stay sober & clean. Earlier, he could not muster but a couple of weeks of clean time despite having been into many detox, rehab & sober homes in the Midwest. Someone is doing something right at Structured Living!

Robert B.

I have been living at Structured Living since September 2013 and this is the first time I have been sober for such a long period. Ever. I can sincerely say that without Structured Living, I would not have been able to maintain my sobriety. This is the best thing that could have happened to me. This place gives you the foundation and a stable environment that you need to be successful in recovery. I am 1 year 3 months sober today.

Angela Shilling | Charlevoix, MI

This valuable initiative is backed by a very committed and an unbelievably resourceful person, Mr. Davinder Singh. Earlier this year, my son and his wife, during their sober vacation at one of their places overseas inadvertently got themselves in an unexpected legal mess that would not only have cost them the vacation but perhaps landed them in jail. My attorneys were suggesting me flying over to arrange their “safety.” Mr. Singh’s assurance(s) that he would take care of the matter were of little comfort to me. How could he? The mess was in another country. Guess what!!…this very private person did know what he was talking about when he said “not to worry”. I do not know what he did or whom he called but charges against both my son and my daughter-in-law were withdrawn the very same day. The authorities even rendered their apologies. I was further dumb struck when Mr. Singh turned down my offer to compensate him for his help. I am writing this for all who may care to know that this person is unique and his passion and commitment to the services he backs are unprecedented. His commitment with no expectations in return is a nearly dead trait in today’s world by any measures!

Justin Truxal | Lansing, MI

My name is Justin Truxal and I am a 30 year old recovering addict/alcoholic. I used for a ten year period of my adult life without any breaks. I finally accepted help and went to treatment at Brighton Recovery Center in Michigan in March of 2013. I then moved to a transitional house in Ann Arbor, MI. It was Structured Living LLC. I stayed clean for about four months before I had to leave because of a relapse in July. I repeated the process and preferred to return to Structured Living in October 2013 and have stayed since.

The reasons I chose to return were that I felt very comfortable with this particular transitional housing. Rules and requirements here are simple but strict. The other residents I lived with were very supportive. They helped me with obtaining a job, settling into a new area and set=up a healthy routine. Ann Arbor has a great recovering community with which Structured Living offered me an opportunity to connect with. Moreover, these houses are located on a bus line and it is very convenient to use the transit system to go to downtown & commercial areas. The accommodations provide a safe, secure and a clean environment for those who are serious about their own sobriety.

Today, I have a great relationship with my family. They trust me now and enjoy my company. I am a responsible and a caring father of a beautiful 3 year old daughter. This process towards recovery has brought me closed to them. I have made more progress in the time I have stayed sober than the entire 10 years of my using. My physical, emotional & spiritual health is way better now than ever before. My next goal is to quit smoking. For some reason, I feel that I can do it and the future looks brighter and I do not fear it anymore. I now enjoy hobbies which I totally lost during my active addiction. Today I am living life and have great people in it!

Eric Marria | Chicago, IL

In June of 2011 I was, as we like to say, sick and tired of being sick and tired. My life had spiraled into utter chaos, as my alcohol addiction completely controlled my life. Legal issues were mounting, my career was over, and my family wanted nothing to do with me.

That June I was blessed with what is known as the gift of desperation. I ended up in yet another rehab, but this time something was different. I was willing to do whatever it took to stay sober. My counselor suggested a stay in transitional living and luckily I was given the number to Structured Living. I moved in July 1st and I truly believe it was one of the best moves I ever made.

Here I found the support I desperately needed to find true sobriety. Between the alcohol and drug free living, mandatory meetings, and the support of fellow alcoholics and addicts, my sobriety finally took hold.

Thanks to Structured Living and the surrounding recovery community (there are thousands of recovering alcoholics/addicts with numerous meetings daily here), I can now say I have a life to be proud of. I am part of an amazing community with some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. I have a successful new career that I love, and most importantly, I am becoming the father my little girl deserves.

Sobriety has become the most important thing in my life. A gift I used to think was unattainable for someone like me, but it happened with the help of some honesty, open-mindedness and willingness. I know it can happen for you too.

Erik Taneja | Ann Arbor, MI

Drugs and alcohol led me down a chaotic path of self destruction and It brought everyone who cared about me along for the ride. Finally my family had enough and made the tough decision to write me off. I dropped out of school and spent the next three years partaking in crimes to fuel my addiction. All while living in and out of run down drug infested motels. I could not see a way out.

Early 2013 a friend of mine had told me how he was staying at a place called structured living. He had been getting his life together and was finally starting to feel free..

Finally, after another pain filled year, I became willing to try something different. I got into a treatment center and upon discharge I decided to enter the structured living program. A decision which ultimately became the first step to living a fulfilling life.

I met a few good guys in the structured living houses who I could relate to and who had been in my shoes at one point in time. They suggested I get active in the recovery community and treat my sobriety as if it were life and death. As the year went by, many positive things started happening for me. My family re entered my life, I dealt with my court issues, got back into school and even got my license and a car back. More importantly I learned to live again. I feel like I can finally breathe again.

Next year I will be applying for a pre-med program. It feels like I’m on the right track and my family tells me they’re so happy to have their son back. My stay at structured living and getting involved in the recovery community has helped start to become the man I was intended to be. And it all started by accepting the help I so desperately needed. Today I feel apart of something great, I feel at peace.

Paul B. | Toledo, OH

This place saved my life. How it happened, I do not know but after my first couple of months, I began to feel less squirly and the turmoil in me kind of abated. I used to drink just to feel exactly that. So, since I have no physical cause to numb myself, I have no need for a drink. I do however have thoughts of drinking but they are becoming less in frequency and intensity.

I followed the suggestion given to me by the person who has earned my respect – one who is behind the whole operation and wants to be unknown, that I should avoid to be alone, always try to be in the company of others in recovery and openly share my feelings, both good or bad and most importantly to LISTEN to what others have to say. Gossip or anything negative is to be avoided like a plague, he said. I took his words to heart, implemented them in my daily life for the ” magic of group support” to kick in. I feel better, I feel easy, I feel uncomplicated, I feel GOOD.

What a blessing!!!

Cooper I. | Ann Arbor, MI

I am an executive in a leading beverage company. My line of work involves travels with lots of wining and dining. In short, I ended up with a drunk monkey on my back which just would not let go, no matter how hard I tried. To cut short, I sought help and my company gladly agreed to pick up the tab for my rehab at a leading treatment center in Europe. As an extra “insurance” I erred on the side of caution and sought aftercare extended coaching with monitoring. To my good fortune I met Davinder Singh of Structured Living who coached me for a number of months and also accompanied me on my business travels. With his years of personal recovery, education and an affluent background, his approach is non intrusive and brings to bear the wisdom from the East with practicality of the West. His unwavering commitment to my recovery helped me build a solid foundation for lasting sobriety.

John K. | St. Paul, MN

Anyone seeking to benefit from transitional sober living should consider Structured Living LLC, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The personal caring “touch” nurtured by founder, D. Singh, did make all the difference between dedicated attention my son received during his extended stay at this place in contrast to a couple of short stints at other over-priced “facilities” in the past.

Thomas L. | Sterling Heights, MI

This place saved my life. What else more can I say! There are people who talk negative or bad bad mouth their services but you will find that all of them to the last person either has been kicked out for using or not following the simple rules. Unfortunately, some naive new comers take the “gossip” among the disgruntled seriously and actually rob themselves of an opportunity to benefit from a good sober living environment.

Kelly O’Conner | San Francisco, CA

Late last year, I had to conclude an extensive research on sober transitional facilities in the Ann Arbor area for my 24 year old son to move-in after completing a six month drug treatment at a leading rehab clinic in CA. Upon weighing my options, I chose Structured Living LLC. My son now has been a resident at one of their sober houses in Ann Arbor since December 2009 and is doing better than he ever did. He loves the support he receives from his peers and has recently rejoined classes at the University of Michigan. I am very satisfied with the choice I made and would recommend sober homes offered by Structured Living for anyone who is really serious about their recovery. Despite their compassionate and caring approach, the zero tolerance policy at these houses is exercised strictly. I am afraid anyone moving in who is not willing or ready to abide by their simple structure shall not last long.

Melissa J. | Ann Arbor, MI

I am a social worker / therapist with a regional community service agency in MI. Currently I have three clients residing in Structured Living LLC sober residential facilities in Ann Arbor, MI. My clients have nothing but good things to say for their living conditions and the group support they have received from living in these houses which I visit regularly. I place these facilities among the very best in terms of comfort, support & structure.. No Nonsense & Zero Tolerance. Low Subsidized Charges. Privately Financed By Founder. No gifts or donations accepted. A true equal opportunity care “giveback” as far as I am concerned. I have met residents at these houses from leading treatment centers like Hazelden MN & Betty Ford Clinic in CA celebrate sobriety. That should speak for itself.

Ryan McDonald | Rochester, NY

These houses are ideal for early recovery. I would strongly recommend these houses to anyone fighting addiction to alcohol or drugs. Good support. Comfortable. However, absolutely “zero” tolerance. So be careful. Not a place for anyone who is not ready to put 100% effort into recovery. If you are really serious to lead a sober life, than these houses are the place for you. You shall turn your life around, develop healthy relationships, be gainfully employed and begin to realize your dreams, slowly but surely.

Sean Collins | Pittsburgh, PA

My son is a current resident in one of sober houses run by Structured Living. I visit him on a regular basis. His stay since the last two months seems to have helped him a lot. As a concerned parent, I can safely recommend these sober residential facilities to anyone looking for a clean, rather upscale facility at affordable price. The homes have structured practical rules, random drug tests and strictly supervised. The resident house manager informs that the services are subsidized by the founder.

Bran Hilton | Grosse Point, MI

For those in recovery who are very serious to stay clean & sober, these houses are really good. Neat, clean, good location, with practical “zero” tolerance rules. All comforts of home with amenities. The person who started it, I am told subsidizes these places to a good extent. Someone has deep pockets and a large heart. Hope more people with resources where out there helping the community. I was a resident for 18 months.

Alec I. | Ann Arbor, MI

I am currently the house manager of their transitional house for women in Ann Arbor MI. I have been living in these structured living houses for a while now and have really learned to enjoy it. It has helped me stay drug and alcohol free. We attend 7-9 AA or NA meetings a week. There is a very large recovery community out in Ann Arbor that i am very involved in. We all hold a job or attend school and have mandatory house meetings every Sunday night. We also have curfew every night. This is a great place to come if you are trying to maintain your sobriety.

Kristen M. | Ann Arbor, MI

My experience at Structured Living was excellent. I don’t think I was ready to be out on my own after my release from prison. Living in a house where everyone holds each other accountable helped me remain sober. I never needed to be responsible, my parents always took care of me. Structured Living taught me how to be self sufficient. I’ve learned a lot from my stay there. The houses are all well maintained and furnished. If you needed anything management would be quick to provide it. They give you the perfect amount of freedom within a structure – a structured environment without the feeling of being “locked up.” I would recommend everyone in the community that’s in early sobriety to stay at one of the Structured Living facilities. I can’t say that staying there kept me sober, but I also can’t say that it didn’t. All I know is that I wouldn’t change a thing.

We plan on continually adding more testimonials and success stories over the coming weeks, months and years… If you would like to share your previous experiences at Structured House and Structured Living with the world, please email your information and story to info@soberooms.com

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